Planned Archive downtime & maintenance: new servers are coming!

The Archive will be down for maintenance for short periods on 8, 10 and 11 January. The maintenance is scheduled to start at approximately 05.15 UTC on each day (see what time that is in your timezone), and will last less than an hour each time. We’ll put out a notice on our Twitter AO3_Status when we’re about to start.

Downtime details

8 January 05.15 UTC: c. 15 minutes downtime.

10 January 05.15 UTC: c. 25 minutes downtime.

11 January 05.15 UTC: c. 50 minutes downtime

What we’re up to

The Archive has grown massively over the past year – during the first week of 2013 we had over 27.6 million pageviews! To cope with the continuing growth of the site, we’re adding three more servers. We’re also reorganising the way our servers are set up to ensure that they’re working as efficiently as possible, and to make it easy for us to add more machines in future.

Our colocation host installed the new machines in late December. We’re now moving over to using them, and reorganising our setup. We’re doing the work of moving over to our new database server in several small chunks, which will keep downtimes short and make it easier for us to identify the source of any problems which may arise.

What’s next?

Once this has been done we’ll deploy the Archive code on the new servers and test it out. We’ll be looking for some help with this – stay tuned for another post.

When we’re happy that everything is working right, we’ll make the switch to using the new servers. No downtime expected at present, but we’ll keep you posted if that changes.


Thanks for your patience while we work.

We’re able to continue expanding the Archive and buying new hardware thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, who give a great deal of time to coding and systems administration, and of OTW members, whose donations pay for the Archive’s running costs. If you enjoy using the Archive, please consider making a donation to the OTW. We also very much welcome volunteers, but are currently holding off on recruiting new volunteers while our lovely Volunteers Committee improve our support for new volunteers (we’ll let you know when we reopen). Thank you to everyone who supports us!

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