Political Remix Video Puts the Spotlight on Vidding

Political Remix Video, a site dedicated to showcasing and promoting some of the best, most innovative and inspiring examples of Political Remix Video works on the web, is doing a series of posts focused on vidding as political remix. Like vids, political remix videos (known as PRVs to their makers) are transformative guerilla media works. The first of these posts features the vidder Charmax and her wildly compelling Troy vid “No Bravery”–check it out.

Visit our new Vidding History project page

The Vidding History project of the OTW has now got its own home on our website. The project is committed to documenting and celebrating the 35 year history of fan vidding, and to arguing that vids are a fair use under US copyright law.

Our work toward these ends include:

* A Test Suite of Fair Use Vids, offered as part of the OTW’s reply comment in support of the EFF’s petition to the Copyright Office for a DMCA exemption for vidders and other makers of transformative or otherwise fair use works.

* Vidding (2008), a documentary introducing people to vidding produced by the Organization for Transformative Works in partnership with MIT and New Media Literacy, 2008.

* The Oral History Project, an ongoing attempt to document the experiences of many of the foremothers of vidding. We would like to have as many vidders as possible involved in this project; if you are interested in being interviewed, please contact us.

* Helping to educate the public about what vids are and why they are fair use by means of articles and presentations.

* …and last but not least; our dream. A Vidding Archive of Our Own.

Go take a look at our projects! We will be expanding the Vidding History project over the course of the year, so if you are interested in being a part of it, please contact us through the Volunteers contact form.