Sometimes People See Sense…

…The Twitter accounts of fans roleplaying Mad Men characters have been restored, after being briefly taken down for supposed copyright infringment. To quote this excellent summary of this issue from The Guardian, “the accounts returned after the show’s marketing department had stepped in to persuade AMC that, whatever the legal standing, it was insane to stop this outpouring of (completely free, you fools) fan-promotion.”

…We’ve also heard that many vidders have had positive experiences using YouTube’s “dispute” process; that is, so far when vidders have pointed to the creative and transformational nature of their vids, the vids have been restored. We are fans of YouTube’s dispute process and we hope that they expand it, thus protecting transformative works from clumsy algorithms that can’t detect fair uses.

Not everyone’s been so lucky, though. The EFF has been tracking the January takedowns, and they’re calling for YouTube to “not remove videos unless there is a match between the video and audio tracks of a submitted fingerprint.” This would stop the wrongful takedowns of transformative works like vidding, and would also stop a number of other ridiculous deletions. The EFF argues that “adding a soundtrack to your home skateboarding movie is a fair use,” and they’re looking to help people whose work was taken down unfairly.

Colbert Two: Electric Boogaloo

It’s official: Stephen Colbert says, “Remixing is OK!” On Wednesday, January 21, 2009, Colbert renewed his remix challenge to his fans by noting that a number of “DJ Jazzy Jerks” were already remixing his interview with Laurence Lessig against his explicit wishes! One of these briefly shown was Eclectic Method’s remix:

Eclectic Method – The Colbert Report – Remix feat Lawrence Lessig

Colbert was so “enraged”, he produced his own remix, “as a warning to others.”

Colbert’s Own Remix – Remixing Is Okay!

(Now, on the home page of the Colbert Nation website, there’s a banner link to Colbert Remix Page. Accepted forms of upload include avi, dv, mov/qt, mpeg, mp4, 3gp, asf/wmv, flv.)

However, just to be sure we get the point, Stephen insisted:

I do not! Not! Want you to take my interview with Lawrence Lessig and remix it with a pumping k-hole groove! Nor do I want you to remix excerpts from my book, particulary Chapter 7, entitled, “Homosexuals,” which is full of soundbytes that would set fire to any disco dance floor. Like this one: “I am a gay American.” Just to make sure my point gets across, let me say it more rhythmically: “I. Don’t. Want you to mix my words. In a song. To play. In a club. That will make you grind. Okay? Make. You. Grind.”

Shockingly, the geniuses at Eclectic Method have already remixed this warning! What is this world coming to?

Eclectic Method – RE REMIX