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The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive is Moving to the AO3

The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive, a Buffy/Giles fanfiction archive, is being imported to the Archive of Our Own (AO3).

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Background explanation

Founded in 2007 by Solo84, the Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive initially archived fic from the “New Buffy/Giles Relationshippers” site, but grew substantially larger through later submissions! Eventually, it passed into the hands of Rainne, the current mod. Due to substantially decreased fandom engagement and continued costs of hosting, Rainne decided to close the archive while preserving its works with the assistance of Open Doors.

The purpose of the Open Doors Committee’s Online Archive Rescue Project is to assist moderators of archives to incorporate the fanworks from those archives into the Archive of Our Own. Open Doors works with moderators to import their archives when the moderators lack the funds, time, or other resources to continue to maintain their archives independently. It is extremely important to Open Doors that we work in collaboration with moderators who want to import their archives and that we fully credit creators, giving them as much control as possible over their fanworks. Open Doors will be working with Rainne to import The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive into a separate, searchable collection on the Archive of Our Own. As part of preserving the archive in its entirety, all images currently in the Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive will be hosted on the OTW’s servers, and embedded in their own AO3 work pages.

We will begin importing works from The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive to the AO3 after May.

What does this mean for creators who had work(s) on The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive?

We will send an import notification to the email address we have for each creator. We’ll do our best to check for an existing copy of any works before importing. If we find a copy already on the AO3, we will invite it to the collection instead of importing it. All works archived on behalf of a creator will include their name in the byline or the summary of the work.

All imported works will be set to be viewable only by logged-in AO3 users. Once you claim your works, you can make them publicly-viewable if you choose. After 30 days, all unclaimed imported works will be made visible to all visitors. The site will then be permanently closed.

Please contact Open Doors with your Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive pseud(s) and email address(es), if:

  1. You’d like us to import your works, but you need the notification sent to a different email address than you used on the original archive
  2. You already have an AO3 account and have imported your works already yourself.
  3. You’d like to import your works yourself (including if you don’t have an AO3 account yet).
  4. You would NOT like your works moved to the AO3.
  5. You are happy for us to preserve your works on the AO3, but would like us to remove your name.
  6. You have any other questions we can help you with.

Please include the name of the archive in the subject heading of your email. If you no longer have access to the email account associated with your Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive account, please contact Open Doors and we’ll help you out. (If you’ve posted the works elsewhere, or have an easy way to verify that they’re yours, that’s great; if not, we will work with the Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive mod to confirm your claims.)

Please see the Open Doors Website for instructions on:

If you still have questions…

If you have further questions, visit the Open Doors FAQ, or contact the Open Doors committee.

We’d also love it if fans could help us preserve the story of The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive on Fanlore. If you’re new to wiki editing, no worries! Check out the new visitor portal, or ask the Fanlore Gardeners for tips.

We’re excited to be able to help preserve The Buffy/Giles Fanfiction Archive!

– The Open Doors team and Rainne

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