The Organization for Transformative Works established Fanlore, its own fandom wiki, to preserve the history of transformative works and the fandoms from which they have arisen. The beta version of Fanlore was launched in September 2008, and the wiki came out of beta in December 2010. In November 2019, the wiki passed 50,000 pages, and in January 2021 crossed 1,000,000 edits made by more than 50,000 registered users.

Fanlore provides a framework where fans can document their experiences within fandoms, both past, and present. This wiki is a living archive of fandom history for the benefit of fans themselves. We want to document past fandom occurrences, as well as to preserve current discussions and debates, by recording history as it happens. Fanlore also gives context for outside media, academics, and people new to fandom, in a format where fans are in control of their own representation.

Fanlore content is created by fans. All fans are encouraged to join the project by creating an account and sharing ownership of the wiki’s content. Fans are encouraged to contribute by creating new articles, adding details to pages, or contributing their own point of view to articles to update, debate, or widen their understanding of topics. Some Fanlore editors undertake specific editing projects called FanloreProjects, which focus on various topics and fandoms such as X-Files, Harry Potter Fanfiction Tropes, Haikyuu, and Tumblr archiving. Fanlore also hosts regular editing challenges, such as the annual IFD Fanlore Challenge and the Bingo Challenge. Gardeners watch over recent edits to make sure all contributions are properly integrated and to provide support to our fan contributors. The wiki is by its nature always a work in progress, and the Fanlore Policy & Admin team provides support and guidance where needed.

All original content is available under a Creative Commons license; anyone is welcome to make copies to host on other sites. The wiki was built with open-source software.

More details on Fanlore can be found in the OTW website FAQ as well as on Fanlore’s FAQ. To get in touch with the Fanlore Committee, you can submit a message through our contact form.

News updates from Fanlore are available through Twitter, Tumblr, and Dreamwidth.