OTW Website and Donation Form Up!

As many fans are now aware, the OTW and its projects have been unavailable at different times since July 10. There is a post on AO3 News that discusses these events and also what is still disabled or turned off on that site and why.

The DDoS actions affected all projects and sites except for Transformative Works and Cultures. However, as of this time, 18:00 UTC on July 13, Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, Fanhackers and our Elections site are all available.

What is not yet available is our donation form, and at the moment we have no estimate for when it will be functional. As the post at AO3 mentioned, there has already been one scammer trying to impersonate one of our official accounts in an attempt to get money from fans. Their Twitter account has been suspended, but we want to encourage fans to be wary of any efforts to get donations for the OTW or its projects at this time. Sadly, when attention is brought to an event, scammers may take the opportunity to target those wanting to help.

EDITED TO ADD: The donation form is now functional again!

We can only accept donations through this website. While we appreciate the good wishes and offers of assistance from fans, we want to assure fans that we are not currently in financial difficulty, so there is no need for concern. We will, as always, be doing a membership drive in October, although donations can be made at any time throughout the year.

We appreciate all your encouragement and expressions of support for our projects and the volunteers who have been doing their best to address the challenges this week has posed. We expect to be resuming normal news service over the next few days.

In happier news, we have hit an exciting milestone! As of July 12, there are now over 6 million registered users at the Archive of our Own! Our prepared celebration was disrupted by our lack of site access, but we would like to share the banner and text below, if a little late!

The OTW is pleased to announce that AO3 has surpassed 6 million registered users! That’s an average of more than 3,000 new accounts created each day in the 10 short months since we reached 5 million users. We’re excited to watch the archive continue to grow, and we’re so grateful to every reader and creator for devoting their love and care to AO3.

Whether you joined us back in 2009 when AO3 was created or were one of the million users who joined in the past 10 months, the fanworks you post on AO3 are equally relevant to readers. As we shared earlier this year, one key difference between AO3 and social media is that AO3 does not use an algorithm to determine which fanworks its users see first when they start to browse their favorite tags. Instead, readers can choose to sort search results by the date the fanwork was posted or updated, its word count, hits, kudos, comments, or bookmarks.

To make your fanworks more visible, there’s no need to post at a specific time of day to optimize views. Instead, you can follow tips from our AO3 Documentation committee and from Tag Wranglers on how to tag your creations and make them easier for readers to find.

Thanks again to all of the users who’ve helped us reach this milestone, and happy reading and creating!


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