OTW Trivia Answers and a Milestone

Thanks to everyone who participated in the festivities for the OTW’s 15th anniversary! We’re so inspired by your creativity and enthusiasm. We’d also like to recognize that the Archive of Our Own reached five million registered users on September 15th, which is a wonderful milestone to occur during a month celebrating the fan-made achievement that is the OTW.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the 15 winners of our anniversary trivia and fanworks challenge prize drawing. The following fans are the trivia winners:

Alex C

We also randomly selected the following five fanworks on AO3 as winners of the fanworks prize drawing:

ThisFiniteLife – The Warden of the Sierra Madre
Boss_duck – Another 15 Minute Sketch
DaybreakOverRain – Birthdays
Helen_scram – For All Time
TheTimeTraveler24 – Dear Bianca

Later today, we’ll email all of our winners, who will have 72 hours to provide us with a mailing address to send their prize to. If you are a winner and do not see our email in your inbox or your spam folder within the next 24 hours, please contact the Communications Committee to let us know.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the OTW15 | OTW 15th Anniversary Fanwork Challenge tag on AO3, Francesca Coppa’s Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said post, Constance Penley’s Guest Post, and our newly updated OTW History infographics.

It’s also not too late to join the Stub September challenge on Fanlore, which is ongoing until September 25!

The answers to all 15 trivia questions are listed below.


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