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Every month in OTW Signal we’ll take a look at stories that connect to the OTW’s mission and projects, including legal, technology, academic, fannish history, and preservation issues that are important for fandom, fan culture or transformative works.

In the News

The academic journalism site The Conversation published a series of articles related to fandom. One of them focused on the fanfiction to commercial fiction pipeline.

The website Archive of Our Own, on which Manacled was originally published, is run and maintained by fan volunteers and donations from many such communities. The amateur, nonprofit and community-based nature of fan fiction had made fandom into what scholars of fandom such as Karen Hellekson call a gift economy.

In this culture, fans create and share their works without expecting pay – the stories are a gift to the community and a part of participating in communal life. The fandom gift economy creates an alternative space where monetary value is replaced by the value of social connection and interaction, and for the most popular writers, of high status within the community.

AO3 was founded primarily to preserve a non-commercial location for fanworks. You can find out more about its history, as well as about the gift economy and filing off the serial numbers on Fanlore.

Another article discussed how fans influence brands and how fandom shaped the development of the Internet.

In cases where existing platforms haven’t met the community’s needs, fans have created their own. Archive Of Our Own (AO3) is a repository for fans to share works inspired by the objects of their fandom, created in response to design and policy changes made on other fan-fiction sites.

Fans are known for their creative productivity, transforming and remixing their favourite cultural objects in fan-art, fan-fiction, videos, zines and music remixes.
Technological advancements made creative production easier to master, and the public and networked nature of platforms has allowed fan works to be circulated to a much wider audience.

The OTW’s own fan studies journal, Transformative Works and Cultures, has also contributed to the work on the internet, fandom, and historical developments, both in individual articles and published a special issue on History and Fandom.

OTW Tips

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