OTW Signal, July 2023

Every month in OTW Signal we’ll take a look at stories that connect to the OTW’s mission and projects, including legal, technology, academic, fannish history, and preservation issues that are important for fandom, fan culture or transformative works.

In the News

The OTW has been scheduling appearances at various live events! Our Development & Membership team organized an appearance at Eurocon in June.

Three of our friendly volunteers were at Konflikt: Eurocon in Uppsala, Sweden, hanging out in a historic building in between panels about Fandom and Tea, Murderbot, and The Queer Agenda. People stopped by to say hi, grab a sticker (or three!) and talk about us and our projects.

The Creative Control podcast recently focused on fandom in a series of episodes. In its first,
Welcome to the Fandom Dance Party, OTW volunteer Francesca Coppa gave the episode its title.

“It is like a dance party. It’s a little bit like–“Come on! We don’t care if you can dance. Just come on, you know?” And I think ideologically, more people need to be encouraged to make art.” (25:41)

Francesca is introduced around 13:04 and discusses AO3. At around 16:02 she goes on to discuss the history of fandom pre-Internet, particularly around the 1980s. Additional episodes in the show’s series focus on “the dark side of fandom” and on legal issues and intellectual property.

OTW Tips

Open Doors took to Tumblr recently to explain how its volunteers search for every fanwork in every upcoming archive import so as not to import duplicates of ones whose creators have already posted them to AO3.

If you’ve ever cross-posted works from other archives to AO3, follow OTW News for announcements of upcoming archive imports. You can help Open Doors out by emailing them to let them know you’ve already uploaded your works–but if you don’t, don’t worry, because Open Doors will do their best to find it and invite it to the new collection for the archive!

We want your suggestions! If you know of an essay, video, article, podcast, or news story you think we should know about, send us a link. We are looking for content in all languages! Submitting a link doesn’t guarantee that it will be included in an OTW post, and inclusion of a link doesn’t mean that it is endorsed by the OTW.

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