OTW October Drive: Spotlight on Our Servers

Have you ever wondered where the fanworks on AO3 are stored? Ever wanted to take a peek behind the scenes? The Organization for Transformative Works, the nonprofit behind the Archive of Our Own, Open Doors, Fanlore and Transformative Works and Cultures, owns the servers that run nonstop to host our projects. With your support, we can maintain and upgrade our servers as our projects grow and expand every year.

We’re here to archive your creations, and we take the duty of preserving your fanworks seriously. By owning our own servers, we avoid being subject to other companies’ terms of service and potential censorship. Without our servers, none of this would be possible!

As our community and our projects keep expanding, our servers need the capacity to keep up with the volume:

Our servers
Our servers run code, send notifications, store fanworks, wrangle tags and serve pages to visitors. Common server costs: $40,200 in yearly hosting fees, $37,420 for two database servers and about $4,000 for a general purpose server—the first two of which the OTW spent this year.
AO3 currently has around 1 million members, over 2.5 million fanworks, 134 million weekly page views (43% growth over last year) and 10 million monthly unique visitors (18% growth over last year).

Adapted from the OTW 2016 budget.

We need to make sure our servers are up to date and able to handle these demands so that pages load quickly. To help keep the AO3’s servers up and running and the OTW’s projects thriving, please make a donation today!


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