OTW News now on Google+

OTW News appears on a variety of sites to better reach our users and raise awareness about the Organization for Transformative Works. This week we are also opening a page on Google+!

While all the OTW News sites currently receive either links to, or mirror posts of, each post made to the OTW News blog on our website, our account on Google+ will have a somewhat different focus. We plan to use this site primarily for legal and technology related posts, and those which relate to wider issues such as open access, on which we share common ground with organizations whose missions overlap with our own.

We encourage anyone who shares those interests to add us to their circles there. If those topics happen to be the ones that brought you to the OTW, you may find it convenient to use Google+ as your primary news source for OTW content. However, if you wish to continue receiving the wider range of content that comes through the OTW News blog, please continue subscribing to us in your usual locations.

If you have suggestions for topics that should be covered or shared at the new site, please let us know! We can’t guarantee that we’ll always be able to do so, but we’re interested in hearing what you think.

  1. Elf commented:

    Will those posts be a subset of the ones posted everywhere else, or a separate collection not in other locations? I don’t have a G+ account because of their name/identity policy. I’m not willing to have my wallet name be public on all my google-ish activities, and although I know they now allow organizations to have accounts, I haven’t seen that their official policies on personal names have changed.

    Will those of us not on G+ have a way to access those posts? Will we be able to reply to them?

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Yes, you will still get all news we put out here at the website as well as at our other mirror sites, just the same as always. It is Google+ that will be getting a subset.

      Some people are interested primarily in legal news and want to have fewer posts coming to them, so we just wanted to point out that this would be one way of doing so.