The OTW Merchandise Store is coming!

Red ballpoint pen with OTW logo in white

The OTW’s Development & Membership Committee is working on a permanent OTW merchandise store. It’s our goal to give fans of the OTW and our projects (like AO3 and Fanlore) ways to show your love, give back to the organization, and get swag! When it’s ready, the merchandise store will be available online for anyone to buy without needing to become an OTW member.

So we need all of you to tell us what kinds of products you’d like to purchase! Would you wear a Fanlore t-shirt? Have you always wanted an AO3 kudos mug? What about an OTW umbrella or a poster with all our projects listed? Whether it’s a product you want, or something you’d want on that item, the sky’s the limit!

You can leave comments here or, as always, drop us an email at devmem [at]

Check out the OTW’s new donation premiums!

Although the merchandise store isn’t up and running yet, you can already get OTW swag by making a donation of US$50 or above. Even though our membership drive is over, you can donate at any time of year. Here’s a few of the reasons there’s no better time to become a member of the Organization for Transformative Works — new premium rewards for you to select!

Black tote bag with OTW logo in redDark grey tumbler and straw with OTW logo in red

Red ballpoint pen with OTW logo in white

If you decide to become a recurring monthly contributor to the OTW, you can still get premiums! Email the Development & Membership committee and tell us which premium you want your recurring donations to count toward. When your monthly donations have reached the premium amount, we’ll send you cool stuff!

And thanks for supporting the OTW!

  1. Angie Sutton commented:

    Huge fan of buttons. Suggest, therefore, you add buttons. 😉

  2. Juun commented:

    USB sticks to hold those all-important fan-fictions :3

    • Fabrisse commented:

      I like the idea of the Kudos mug. If you do a pen, it would be great if it were a Sharpie. And USB Sticks are the very best idea yet.

  3. Adri commented:

    Patches, stickers, mugs, per usual (all of which I would love and buy). But what about phone/ereader/device covers or skins that feature art donated by fan artists?

    • Fabrisse commented:

      Yes, yes, yes

    • Wordwitch commented:

      Literal fans, paper or plastic, for those of us with our Own Personal Summers. With OTW, AO3, or fan art on them.

  4. akaCat commented:

    Bumper stickers, smaller vinyl stickers (those tablet covers won’t decorate themselves!), water bottles, travel mugs, magnets.

  5. Rachel commented:

    How about little notebooks? Or full sized ones? For those of us who still like to write or draw on paper 🙂

    Buttons and stickers are cool, but they would be even cooler with fandom jokes, statements about fan tropes, and basically more than just logos.

    Nobody’s mentioned shirts yet but I would love a ladies’ tee with the AO3 logo in the corner or in some kind of faded design.

    • Kiri commented:

      Fandom jokes and an AO3 t-shirt, please. Vintage faded style would be amazing, as would anything other than the standard thick cotton American Apparel shirts everyone sells.

  6. Sandra commented:

    I would love stickers that have the AOL logo!

  7. Helens commented:

    T-shirts are a lovely idea, but PLEASE, anything you make available, have it available in plus sizes!

  8. Kate commented:

    I love the idea of notebooks, which someone mentioned, and pens, of course, I wonder if there’d be enough demand for mechanical pencils, maybe? I love writing with those plain, cheap ones that you get anywhere, but it would be fun to have ones with AO3 on them.

  9. Lauren commented:

    I’d love some fandom stuff on different things, fanfic lingo (like ‘X+Y=OTP, or ‘Squick advisory’)

  10. Kryptaria commented:

    OTW logo coffee mugs, AO3 logo coffee mugs, red mugs with white logos, white mugs with red logos… Can you tell I need to buy more coffee mugs?

  11. Karla commented:

    Mugs are a must (coffee or tea or kool-aid whatever), pens, washi tape with the AO3/OTW logo?,stickers, hoodies/shirts, patches, phone cases, pencils, *_*

  12. Sumlin commented:

    I’d buy one of the baseball cap like visors.. Belt buckles.. Chain wallets.. Wrist bands.. General nerd paraphernalia.

  13. Spudqueen commented:

    What about iPhone skins/covers?

  14. elle commented:

    typography style posters with some of the most popular (sfw) ao3 tags?

    • Kiri Van Santen commented:

      Ha, I vote for one with all the most disgusting/weird/hilarious NSFW tags!

  15. Lis commented:

    I love my Kudos waterbottle, and I’d love to get a spare one! And people compliment it all the time 🙂 So getting that back would be awesome!

  16. taliahale commented:

    Would love a car-friendly AO3 sticker (either window cling or bumper sticker).

  17. Stultiloquentia commented:

    Moleskine-style notebooks – Logo or AO3 tag cloud on the cover. Or how about “Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Entirely. Yup.” followed by the AO3 logo?

    T-shirts – Simple, with just the OTW logo or AO3 w/ kudos hearts in the middle or on the breast. Maybe list the projects on the back. I would love a bright red one!


    Mugs. Heat makes the tag cloud or kinky fanart appear?

  18. kiki-eng commented:

    Button sets with all the OTW projects would be good.

    I really like the idea of putting AO3 tags on things. (Lots of tags on a thing.) I really liked thingswithwings’ audio performance of all the tags wrangled under “feels” and so think something like that would be good. You might be able to do something with fanlore excerpts, too, or an excerpt from some of Legal’s work. Any of those things on a T-shirt or whatever would make me very happy. Stats are also awesome.

    I’m a fan of bags. Book bags, especially.

    Environmentally happier things. Like, if recycled paper is an option at any point in production that would be good. (Low impact design is awesome. I would really love to see that made a priority in this.)

  19. Kiri commented:

    My number one request is stickers and/or buttons featuring popular AO3 story tags. I would buy a kajillion of those.

  20. Kiri commented:

    One time on reddit I described AO3 as “important literary characters putting things in each other’s butts,” and people were v into that. I suggest that as a t-shirt/sticker/whatever. 😉