OTW IRC Channel

The OTW is registered on Freenode at #otw-dev. You may access the channel via your Web browser or by using IRC client software.

This channel is an option for OTW volunteers, particularly those who work in our Systems and AD&T committees, to keep in touch with each other. It will also allow interested people outside the organization to meet us! We don’t guarantee that there will always be someone in there, but we hope people will find the additional contact point useful.

Many people who are coders and work in site development use IRC to communicate with other coders and systems folk. We hope that the increased visibility of those volunteers who serve in these areas of the OTW will allow for more collaboration and discussion with those working in similar areas outside of our organization.

Rules for #otw-dev:

  • Both social and work-related conversations are welcome in IRC.
  • IRC is not a long-term storage space or an official channel for suggestions; brainstorming and idea-generation is welcome, but any discussion that is likely to become reality should move to mailing lists, Basecamp, or the documentation wiki.
  • Remember IRC is a public space — confidential matters should not be discussed there.
  • IRC is not moderated; please be excellent to each other.