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  • Allena Tapia wrote at The Huffington Post about 4 F-Words That Support Your Child As a Writer. The tips included encouraging fanfic, use of graphics and multiple platforms, “and total freedom over what he reads and writes.”
  • MTV.com wrote about The Janoskians’ One Direction mockumentary. In a familiar fan move, further installments are being held hostage until they get sufficient feedback. “The video has already clocked up over 200,000 views on YouTube in just a couple of days, but episode two will only be released once number one hits the big 500K. On their ‘#NotABoyBand World Tour’ earlier this year, The Janoskians performed a One Direction skit as part of their act, but insisted at the time that there is no ‘hate’ between them and the most famous boy band in the world. Beau told MTV UK back in May: ‘To be honest, me and Luke actually love One Direction, we’re huge 1D fans.'”
  • The Daily Dot wrote about the Inception musical staged in New York City. “The event has garnered considerable buzz from the Inception community as well; fans are planning to make the trek to the show from as far away as Canada. It might seem like a surprising act of devotion, but to fans who’ve had no new canon for years, getting the chance to see any new spin on their beloved movie is a not-to-be-missed chance. Fans are also drawn to the musical for shipper reasons: the libretto blatantly indulges the reading of the popular subtext between Arthur and Eames.”
  • The L.A. Weekly wrote about slash and the fan con Escapade. “Slash has expanded beyond small, old-school communities like Escapade to younger, Internet fans, who are expressing themselves not only through stories but also via images and GIFs on Tumblr. Over Twitter, some share their obsession with the creators of the shows themselves, a breach that older slash fans used to view as unseemly. Still, among the general public, slash remains little known and little understood.”

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News of Note
  1. msilverstar commented:

    Escapade fanlore page: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Escapade – if you’ve been to Escapade, add to the history on that page

    One Direction fanlore page: http://fanlore.org/wiki/1D – this fanlore page needs lots of love and links, including info about the mockumentary

    Inception fanlore page: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Inception – new info and links about the musical would be great

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