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  • At Alternative Press, Cassie Whitt brought an adult’s perspective to the issue of why female interests are denigrated. “[T]hat girl is told she’s ‘everything that’s wrong with music these days’ because self-perceived rock ’n’ roll crusaders need to defend music from the evil powers that, you know, actually put their energy, time and money into (gasp) actually keeping the music world alive. And demonizing fangirls is not an issue that solely harms female fans. A male friend recently confided to me, ‘Man, I love My Chemical Romance, but I almost feel like I have to defend that as a 20-something man’ because of the perception of their fanbase. Because we live in a society where we’ve taught men it’s not okay to like things that young girls do, where they have to explain or completely conceal their own passions. A fangirl’s devotion is the precise kind of fervor that can’t be taught. It’s the thing that puts them at the front row of shows now, and later in life, will put them anywhere else, doing anything they want to do.”
  • At First Showing, Patrick Campbell examined the state of movie fandom. “[H]ow did we end up in this snarky, sad, and frustrating state of film fandom that we’re in now? I believe there are a few explanations, to this problem, and it’s ones we really need to look into ourselves to try and fix… I believe many have lost the wide-eyed wonderment that it takes to love movies. The cynical nature seems to be coming from a loss of an inner child for many… There seems to be an obsession with making things realistic in film, especially post Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, but not all films need to play by that. Every movie has its own set of rules, and what may work in the film may not happen in real life, but that’s the point. It’s good to retain your childlike nature sometimes, and take films in that way.”
  • The Fandom Post discussed arguments surrounding dubtitles. “[I]n the end, what sucks about dubtitles is that people keep using them as an excuse to not buy licensed releases because they want to play to this belief that everything is dubtitled, or that subs are so poorly done that everything is just rotten to the core. Having quite a few friends that translate both manga and anime and seeing and hearing the horror stories of accusations, and looking at the process of how it’s done, it’s beyond a flimsy excuse. That, my friends, is the bad in all of those.”
  • Medical Daily discussed reports of a chemical attack on a hotel hosting a furry convention. “Nineteen people needed to be transported to nearby hospitals with symptoms consistent with chemical exposure such as nausea, dizziness, and other medical problems.” Author Dana Dovey added, “When a group faces violent, prejudice motivated crime because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group, this is considered to be a hate crime. Based on the initial review of this weekend’s FurFest incident, police are not ruling this out as a possibility. A criminal investigation has been opened.”

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