OTW Fannews: Tech and legal developments

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  • The New York Times Bits blog was one of several places highlighting the work of OTW legal staffer Casey Fiesler, who examined Terms of Service at popular websites. Among them was DeviantArt, Fanfiction.net and “Asianfanfics, a small fan fiction site, whose terms of service provisions, the researchers wrote, allowed ‘for the site to essentially do whatever they like with whatever is posted there without any notice or attribution to the creator.'” The report included a handy infographic. A future part of Casey’s study will involve the AO3.
  • The Mary Sue posted about using Storium. “As I quickly figured out, Storium is essentially an elegant framework for simming, with the added kick of card game-ish mechanics. For the uninitiated, a play-by-post game (also called a sim) traditionally takes place on a message board or through an email list. There’s a basic premise, and a host who wrangles the players. Depending on the game, players either create whatever characters they fancy, or are given clearly defined roles…The players then take turns writing chapters or scenes, typically tagging other characters to pick up where they left off.”
  • Perhaps relatedly, Brie Hiramine asked at Flavorwire if the fansite is dead? “I can’t remember the last time I visited a fan site to read news or discuss anything. And that’s simply because our ever-flowing stream of content means that fan culture is more integrated into our everyday lives (and therefore, our Internet lives) than ever before. People consume fan-specific news on more mainstream platforms, without needing to go to a dedicated site to do so. Thank you, Facebook feed! Thank you, Twitter debates! Thank you, Reddit! And inevitably, the distance between consumer and producer grows ever-smaller.”

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