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  • While sites like Wattpad have already demonstrated a large, international reach among young fanfic writers, other companies keep trying to capture that market.
  • The Observer wrote about Movellas which is distinguishing itself by targeting literacy rather than community. “50% of respondents said Movellas had made them enjoy reading more; 70% enjoyed writing more. Importantly, 20% of its users get free school meals (about the national average). Only 25% are boys, which the founders are looking to change with boy-focused publisher promotions and a move into ‘story games’…Maybe it’s time to stop being sniffy about fan fiction.”
  • One boy who came late to writing fanfiction is author Hugh Howey, who was interviewed by Pacific Standard Magazine about his Kindle Worlds experience. However, he’s always appreciated it. “I’m…ready to turn 40—but I grew up in a generation of open-source projects and Wikipedia and collaborative programming and the blogosphere. The idea of collaborations seems very natural to me. I also grew up reading comics, where every comic book author is writing fan fiction.” Discussing the history of storytelling he continues “It’s interesting that the people who consider themselves purists are really quite modern in their thinking, to think that the novel is an uneditable, uncollaborative work…They have it a bit backward…It’s the other way around.”
  • BBC One created a documentary on Fan Armies that focused on Tumblr, saying “Through their fandom, fans are developing skills that will make them more employable in the future.” These included not only writing but multimedia skills. “They’re really good video editors…they’re really good at photo editing.” They’re also good at promotion. “Even to build these fanpages and have thousands of followers is learning to market something and build something…they can go work for a company and build their social media profile because they know what they’re doing and how to do it well.” (Transcript not available)

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