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  • Business 2 Community featured fan video work in a recent post and looked at some stats. “In the past 30 days, Doctor Who has garnered 7.9 million views on YouTube with 355 videos uploaded about the show. Doctor Who also had its series 8 premiere in this window of time…By comparison, BBC’s Merlin (which has been off the air for nearly three years) had around 33 thousand views across 140 videos in the past 30 days. It is apparent that new official content drives views, but fandom still makes videos even without any new footage available. If we compare Doctor Who with smash hit Harry Potter for the past 30 days, Doctor Who still wins. But Harry Potter still has a healthy 2.8 million views across 89 videos.”
  • The Asian Age looked at audio works. “In an emerging musical microtrend, fans of many such literary and cinematic fictional franchises have taken to creating and downloading ‘ambient mixes’ in a bid to recreate their favourite spaces and sequences from the narrative…Vasudev Rathore sees in ambient mixes a way to give your life a background score and make routine or even tedious things feel more exciting. Add to this an association with your favourite books or movies and the outcome is unparalleled. ‘You can make a novel come alive by recreating its environment using ambient sounds. I have started reading Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter again with these new sound mixes in the background. It is a whole new experience.'”
  • The Hollywood Reporter‘s feature on the future of films included the role of fans, though it was perhaps a little behind the times in not acknowledging that fan films were already here. “The accessibility of tech makes it all possible for us to produce — and own. The intellectual property of our own tales will be ours to use and repurpose in new innovative ways. We’ll see them screened and voted upon (like The Voice), with the winners getting widespread release. It will be an entirely new business model. You’ve heard about Fan Fiction? Get ready for Fan Film, in which self becomes film studio.”

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