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  • The Baker Orange featured a campus fangirl who discussed her fannish history. “Although she chooses to forget about her fangirling over the Twilight series, she says it was the show that ‘started it all.’ When she went to the midnight premier for the first movie, the atmosphere of the event really turned her on to the idea of being a fangirl. ‘It was a bunch of fans getting together. I think thats what made it so much fun because everybody was there because they wanted to see the movie the second it came out… Then I realized that there were fandoms for tv shows and books, all the fun stuff… It’s really easy to get so involved with it when your on social media. It makes it a lot easier to freak out with people who understand.”
  • Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time show featured a fanfiction discussion in which a few guests and callers discussed being fanfic writers. Asked if there were interactions with her readers one writer said, “There is and sometimes it’s not always an equivalent exchange, because once you post something it’s out there whether or not you want critique or commentary, once it’s out there you’re going to get that critique. If it’s something where I’m working with someone because I do co-write with a friend, we do a lot of give and take. Or I may post a snippet and say “I’m stuck with this idea…if you were writing this what would you do?” (No transcript available).
  • ZeeNews India was among several sites discussing an upcoming documentary on Rajinikanth fans. Said co-producer Rinku Kalsy, “Joyjeet Pal…who is also the producer of the documentary, used to tell me how small kids in Rajini’s state are affected by his stardom… They aspire to be like his characters portrayed in the film. How they look up to Rajini and parents are also happy with their children’s decision of becoming like him. So, we thought we should explore this further.”
  • AV Club wrote about a Super Heroes vs. Game Heroes video on YouTube. “It’s essentially a fan film with deeply committed cosplayers mixing it up and uttering various catchphrases or obvious dialogue for their characters, but the clever conceits (one of the Minecraft bricks being the Tesseract, dimension jumping, and the resolution of the fight) elevate it beyond most fan creations. The special effects are especially impressive for this short film, with many aspects of the games and movie versions of these characters being perfectly replicated by a much smaller studio.”

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