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  • OTW Fan Video & Multimedia Committee Chair Tisha Turk gave an interview on “the past, present and potential future of vidding and remix culture, and the murky status of fair use – at least when it comes to monetized remixes on YouTube” as well as her own start as a vidder. Discussing copyright claims on fanwork, she said “One possible analogy would be, if I were making a quilt out of various bolts of fabric I purchased, and I cut these pieces, and I piece them together, and add the backing, and I make this lovely quilt, and the people who made the fabrics show up and say: ‘I want a cut.’ Or: ‘You can’t have the profit, I made the fabric, so hand it over.’”
  • The Fandom Post discussed activism around female characters in Star Wars fandom. “Were we wrong to point out our concerns about the first cast photos? Wrong to express dissatisfaction over the lack of Leia in the first wave from the Disney Store? Wrong to share our disappointment that the Star Wars Rebels announcements included the women last and their action figures won’t happen until the second wave? Perhaps if only one of those things had happened, downplaying the outbreak of concern would make sense. It’s never just one thing, though…Staying silent and hoping for the best isn’t the way to create or support change. We need to speak up each and every time.”
  • A post at Teleread expressed concern at how site changes can affect writer and reader interaction. “Nobody should have to deal with that kind of abuse, thick skin or not. And it’s sad that it seems to be coming more and more common. It’s in the same vein as the writer who received rape threats for criticizing a comic book cover. How obnoxious our culture has become. We’ve seen time and again that some people use anonymity as a license to be as nasty as they possibly can. It would be great if Fanfiction.net could restore the ability for authors to block anonymous reviews altogether if they wanted. At the very least, the default for reviews after 36 hours should be rejection, not acceptance.”
  • A New York Times interview with showrunner Damon Lindelof explored the long-term effects of fan reaction. “Initially, for Lindelof, this kind of fame was very attractive — he interacted eagerly with the fan base of ‘Lost,’ stoking their expectations and ruminations about the show’s labyrinthine plot…’The longer you tell a story, the larger the stakes have to be,’ he says. ‘It’s no longer satisfying to say: Are these people who crashed in this plane going to make it out O.K.? Are they going to fall in love? Are they going to live? Are they going to die? It’s like no, are they going to save the world?’ In the end, they did save the world, but the way they did it left some faithful viewers unhappy. Cuse has made his peace with this; Lindelof still hasn’t.”

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News of Note
  1. Ris commented:

    Can you research and post something about some new bill named “CISPA”?

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      The OTW has written about CISPA before. The EFF has a good look on its current status. The general issue of cybersecurity, while an important matter in terms of consumers’ digital rights, is not something the OTW will be as up-to-date on as some of our advocacy partners as this isn’t the focus of our legal advocacy project, but we encourage fans to stay informed using other reliable sources.

  2. Licoriceallsorts commented:

    The link to Teleread isn’t working.

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Thanks for the heads up! It’s fixed now.