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  • The Phillipine Star offered a look at fanfic’s changing prominence. “You, me, and your lola are probably now aware of what fanfiction is. In my simple mind, it used to be some underground cult, but has grown into a legitimate hobby in the last few years. You got your books, you got your movie tie-in novelizations, and then you got fanfiction. It’s not quite a sequel, in the way the New Testament followed the Old one. Imagine a hardcore Bible-reader wanting to know what happened after the Book of Revelations, so he wrote a post-apocalyptic novel featuring The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ridiculous, but strangely plausible.”
  • Huffington Post listed one of many benefits of fanfic, including its ability to encourage reading. “While the other two strategies helped, when my daughter found fanfiction things really took off…Because she was already invested in Padme and Anakin through the movies, it was an easy leap to enjoy reading about them. And it hasn’t stopped with Star Wars. She’s read fanfiction based on Once Upon A Time, How to Train Your Dragon, and even Pride and Prejudice! That was a year ago, and now I struggle to get her to stop reading.” Some of those Star Wars readers may also one day become Star Wars writers.
  • More media outlets are getting into the business of offering serious recommendations, such as when Vulture included recs to Buffy fanfic as part of a larger story on its appeal. “To truly understand Buffy’s fanfic reach, though, consider the following: One site featured 351 Buffy-related fiction updates last month, even though the series ended its run more than a decade ago. And that’s only one site. There are multiple online sources for Buffy fanfiction. Some, like Archive of Our Own and FanFiction.net, offer detailed tagging and filter options for those seeking out very specific Buffy experiences…Other fanfiction sites specialize in Buffy crossovers, for those who are curious how Buffy’s world would collide with Harry Potter’s or Luke Skywalker’s.”
  • Of course, as The Telegraph revealed, those fanfic readers may also one day become television producers creating crossovers and prequels. “It’s quite a simple concept…Taking a selection of Dickens’ most iconic characters and free them from the narrative of the book. Take them and put them all in one place, and see what happens. Let them interact and see what it’s like when Fagin meets Scrooge.” Said screenwriter Tony Jordan, “I’m not going to pretend to be a Dickens scholar. I’ve probably watched more TV and film adaptations then I’ve read books. But I’ve grown up loving them.”

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