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  • Rocket News 24 posted about a fan anime film launched after a year of work. “YouTube user azuresakuga is a non-Japanese otaku with a passion for animating. He’s spent the last year working on a short animation of his own, combining all of his favorite anime characters into one all-star marathon. Ever since he shared it with the world, Japanese otaku have been praising it all over, and once you see it too, you’ll probably do the same.”
  • Bleeding Cool wrote about the Machinima Event in NYC. “Chief Revenue Officer, Jamie Weissenborn took the stage to talk about who the ‘audience’ is for Machinima, and described them as being ethnically diverse, ‘slightly more male’ and having a ‘higher household median income’ than many other networks. He shared that Machinima content has a 97% ‘like’ rating, and used the example of the Halo: Nightfall launch featuring a fan art contest which went into ‘overdrive’ in page impressions. Crossing DC Entertainment with Machinima, Geoff Johns was introduced by video to talk about The Hero Project from DC. This is a new competition that will bring contestants to ‘secure a place’ in the DC Universe with props, and visual effects provided for them to make their own shows, it seems. The goal is to produce a ‘live-action short video based on their own interpretations of characters from DC Comics’ Starman comic book series’.”
  • Disney’s Star Wars site interviewed art teacher George Folz, the creator of ‘Darth Days’. “I’d been drawing almost exclusively with a pen for a couple of years, and something about creating ink drawings of him with a fat brush was just pure bliss. As comics are my bag, and I was looking for a personal project outside of The Roman Nose, I got the idea that I’d recreate a Darth Vader scene from the original trilogy every day of 2015.”
  • A post at Union and Blue speculated on Fandom: Why Do We Care About This Nonsense?. “Many of us grew up with sports, like a one sided long distance family member, who is always there but our interaction is minimal. And when we finally get that in person experience, it evolves like a vacation far more magical than anything we feel past our teenage years. We love, we love, we care, we root…But there’s always a buffer…It’s that safe distance of caring and admiration that makes sports the ultimate getaway. You can still engage, you can still care, but even at it’s darkest days, it doesn’t devastate you the way life can.”

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