OTW Fannews: From Sacred to Commercial


  • Places like Refinery29 are noticing the importance of what fans do. “Urrata, who is studying English lit, film, and women’s studies, sees femslash (the fan-art romantic pairing of presumed-straight female characters) as a way to do ‘what fan artists do best: attempt to close the gap between the media we are given and the media we want.’ Like racebent casting (fans adding actors of color to movies and TV shows that lack diversity), Disney femslash is a way of taking action rather than simply discussing frustration over the lack of representation.”
  • Chicagoist reported on an event with Carrie Brownstein in which she discussed the importance of fandom in her new memoir. “‘My story starts with me as a fan,’ she writes, ‘And to be a fan is to know that loving trumps being beloved.’ Hopper asked her to talk further about what being a fan has meant for her, and Brownstein credited being a music fan with giving her both stability and community, calling fandom itself ‘sacred’ with ‘a desire to connect’ at its heart.”
  • She Knows interviewed author Christopher Rice about a planned m/m romance novel and noted “Thanks, in part, to the world of fan fiction, man-on-man action has become pretty popular with the female population. Not only are women reading it, but they’re writing it. Rice isn’t surprised. He said, ‘It’s a stereotype that men want to see two women roll around in a bubble bath, but oh, women don’t want to see two men. The real fact is women may not want to see it, but they do want to read it.'”
  • Various outlets wrote about the planned Star Trek series, noting that CBS is counting on fans to make its new service successful. “Is this the ‘killer app’ for CBS All Access? It’s certainly required to get your name on the map. If there’s a property that can get folks to buy into a service, it’s either this or Star Wars at this point.” CBS itself stated “We’ve experienced terrific growth for CBS All Access…We now have an incredible opportunity to accelerate this growth with the iconic Star Trek, and its devoted and passionate fan base, as our first original series.”

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