OTW Fannews: Running the Gamut

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  • GamaSutra presented a roundup of videogame criticism “on topics ranging from the ‘ludocentrism’ of games discourse to a different take on Eric Zimmerman’s ‘Ludic Century.'” The roundup of videogame blogging included a look at German gaming blogs, and a blog post by Maggie Greene that compares “Tales of Xillia to Chinese literary traditions. Specifically, she looks at multiple endings and the effort to capture both tragic compromise and fairy tale and fan-fiction happiness ever-after.”
  • Hoodline wrote about a bookstore’s book fanfiction with local authors. “We pick a book every month, either one that we just love and is classic, or is just in the zeitgeist for whatever reason, and we assign each writer a character—they don’t get to pick. And then they write 800-1200 words of fan fiction about that character, or heavily featuring them or centered around them. They can do anything they want. Whoever wins gets to come back. The structure of the show is that there are six readers total, and they’re all read by our ‘thespian in residence,’…and the audience gets to vote.”
  • At The Guardian, Katie Welsh posted about the best vlog reinventions of classic books. “[F]resh-faced teens and twentysomethings aren’t only vlogging about their own lives; they’re dressing up as fictional characters and telling modern reworkings of familiar stories into their webcams as YouTube adaptations of classic novels go viral. The teams behind them may be professional actors or simply fans of the books, and the quality of both scripts and production can vary, but at their best they could give the BBC a run for its money.”
  • The Otago Daily Times published a piece on cosplaying runners at Disney. “‘I love the atmosphere,’ said Lauren Harrell, 27, after she finished the November super heroes race in a hand-painted T-shirt and foam headpiece as Groot, the human-like tree in Disney’s Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy. ‘People are cheering you every step of the way. And nobody judges you for dressing in costume,’ said Harrell, who had a speaker attached to her waist so she could dance and sing to the Guardians soundtrack.” Other half marathons include Disney Princess or Tinker Bell themes.

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