OTW Fannews: Recognizing women

One foregrounded female shape, a box maze, and numerous small male outlines

  • San Diego Comic-Con appeared to be yet another opportunity for some members of the media to notice that female fans exist in large numbers. The Mary Sue discussed a study showing that women dominated conversations about Comic-Con. “Proving once again that women can in fact be nerds, Networked Insights has analyzed the social media discussion of Comic-Con, and has determined that women are in the majority when it comes to discussing the event. Based on 3.5 million social media conversations, it appears that 54% of the people talking about SDCC related T.V. shows, actors, movies, comics, and other relevant topics were women.”
  • Forbes provided anecdotal evidence of the same. “Heading to Comic-Con, I expected the massive convention crowd to be heavily male. After all, we’re told again and again that young male teens are the main demographic for these movies. Hollywood puts almost no effort into attracting women or young girls to their biggest blockbusters so why should very many girls make the expensive pilgrimage to San Diego? Instead, the place was swarming with women. It almost seemed like there were more women then men.” The conclusion? “There’s a huge untapped market out there for female superheroes.”
  • Of course when commercial works are targeted at women, it isn’t always what one would hope. Starmometer posted about The K-Pop Star and I, which is described as “fan fiction from Lifebooks…a romantic novel that involves two different cultures” and appears to be a self-insert story for music fangirls.

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