OTW Fannews: The power of the personal

  • Nico Lang wrote in Salon about why an album is her Thanksgiving go-to. “When Liz Phair was recording ‘Guyville,’…she had to pretend that she could find the answers in his music, a way to go forward as an artist. However, Phair knew all you really have is what’s in your own head, and listening to ‘Exile on Main Street’ on repeat tells you more about yourself than it ever will about Mick Jagger. ‘Exile’ has become a tradition for me…not as a memento of the past but as part of a relationship that will continue to evolve even as others come and go. We have the traditions that are given to us by historical edict, but the more important ones are those you build for yourself, the constants that remind you of who you are and where you’ve been.”
  • Emily S. Whitten had things to be thankful for in her Comic Mix columm. She wrote about the results of a fandom auction to help her with vision surgery expenses. “[B]y the end of the auction, fandom, consisting of some people I knew but many I didn’t, had raised the entire $8,000. Add to that a few other generous donations from friends who had learned of the online fundraising secondhand…and my recovery and medication expenses were covered as well. I could hardly believe it, but there it was. This tremendous burden lifted from my life by the kindness of a community. Seeing fandom come together to help me like that was, and to this day is, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.”
  • The Otaku Journalist wrote about one fan’s experience moving to a relationship with someone she was fannish about. Asked “What has been the most interesting part of your transition from fan to girlfriend?” she responded “I am a fan! *punch*…I joke to him that I’m his fangirlfriend. Before and after we got together I drew fanart, wrote a fanfic, read his fan tumblr, and watched each episode when it comes out. I also did a cosplay once, but I’m too bashful for him to see me in it. The only thing that is different is that I know some upcoming AT4W stuff. Not a whole lot, but now I get the excitement of seeing other fans reactions.” Dating someone who has fanworks about him is “Like dating anyone, but with more pictures and words!”

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