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  • AdNews discussed the use of YouTube fandoms as a marketing bonanza. “The quality of talent on display, and the reaction of fans got the point across about the premium content YouTube has to offer…Stuart Bailey, chief digital officer at OMD Australia, believes that, ‘long gone are the days when clients would associate YouTube with skateboarding cats and other such content. It now has content credential in spades. Google certainly flexed their ‘influencer’ muscles and showed that some of their YouTube talent are stars in their own right, with engaged and loyal audiences – some queuing from 6am to catch a peek of their favourite YouTube stars,’ Bailey said. ‘The trick will be how to tap into that talent to not only communicate with a brand’s customers and consumers but to add value and customised experiences.'”
  • Comic Book Bin asked whether fan films should be crowdsourced. “I believe that copyrights holders should be tolerant of fan films and fan fiction but to a limit. When fan fiction and fan film creators earn money from the unlicensed properties they exploit, that is a problem. More than voluntarily breaching the rights of copyrights owners, they earn revenues from properties they have no right to exploit. If you want to make a Batman film, do it on your own, bear all the costs. Use it as a portfolio piece. But to go out of your way to ask people to fund your Batman film is wrong. You don’t own Batman.”
  • MTV.com spoke glowingly about erotic fanfiction competitions and noted it’s an expanding business. “If you’re not in San Francisco or New York, you can still observe the NSFW madness from afar. Shipwreck also has a regular podcast where they post recordings of their live show, as well as a Tumblr where you can read previous works — and last night they just announced they’ll be publishing a book sometime next year.”
  • QSR promoted a Dairy Queen competition for fans. “Along with a new television advertising campaign dedicated entirely to Fans, both the Random Acts of Fandom Giveaway and the ad campaign showcase a wide variety of DQ Fans professing love for their favorite people, places, and things including vintage cars and the perfect nature hideout.”

What efforts to tap the fandom market have you been seeing? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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