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  • The Jakarta Globe wrote about tribute performers in K-Pop fandom. “One group of Indonesian K-Pop converts have captured media attention through their unique display of fandom. The nine boys, aged between 14 and 23 years old, formed Boys’ Generation Indonesia, and have gained a cult following for their explosive Girls’ Generation tribute dance and song numbers.” Although the fan group has been successful they haven’t always been well received. “’Some people — boys, mostly — react unpleasantly towards what we do. But we accept it as another kind of support. Sometimes it hurts, but we just let it go.’ Dafi added that the group does its best not to take criticism or prejudice personally, instead choosing to focus on the knowledge that what they are doing promotes Girls’ Generation to a growing fan base in Indonesia.”
  • Writing about tribute performances in Chicago, WBEZ discussed bringing fans together together to build a nightlife in the city. “When creating a night that references the music, ideas, and persona of a specific artist or artists, a built-in audience is even easier to find than a standard club night. And in the case of someone like Kate Bush, it is a change to legitimize her significance with American audiences who are less likely to be recognized as major part of her fandom. ‘Our primary hope is that we will reach those who adore and/or appreciate the music of Kate Bush and bring them together in a space of positivity and community,’ Erbentraut said.”
  • Business Insider noted how the landscape had changed since NSYNC had its heyday and looked at some examples of the fandom’s activity online since that time. Citing memes, tumblrs, fanfiction and more, they concluded “[w]ith the alleged return of the popstars this weekend, remember fairweather fans: there are some who have been holding strong in the bandwagon, waiting for this moment.”

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