OTW Fannews: Making the Old New Again

  • The return of The X-Files prompted a number of media sites to reminisce about changes in fandom since the original series. Flavorwire wrote about the tools and companions of old. “The AOL-hosted Cabin X site is still available via the Wayback Machine, in all its late-millennium glory. Hand-coded HTML tables. Lovingly crafted Photoshop collages of Mulder and Scully (along with B’Elanna Torres and Tom Paris of Star Trek: Voyager). A ‘dreambook.’ Links to a chat room and a message board, and to the other sites in a ‘webring‘ of Cabin X members’ pages, all of which were hosted on AOL or Geocities or Angelfire…I decided to track down the people who were a part of my little corner of the fandom universe – and see if I could recapture some of that teenage feeling.”

  • At New Statesman the focus was on Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. “This was the start of a pop culture phenomenon that hasn’t quite been emulated to the same level of success since. Think about how much this colourful world had infiltrated our world at its peak: games on numerous platforms, a TV series, trading cards, multiple (successful) cinematic films and the plethora of branded merchandise. The only thing that comes close as a modern equivalent is Minecraft, the digital block-building game.”
  • Geek and Sundry instead wrote about some of the modern ur-fandoms such as Blake’s 7 and Man from U.N.C.L.E. “[H]ow did fandoms function in the early days of the internet? How did they function before online communication? I decided to ask someone who knew all about this stuff because she’s lived it: My mom. Yep, my lavender-haired mom. The O.G. geek. She’s been going to conventions and knitting 4th Doctor scarves long before I ever knew what a tribble was. She’s the reason why I started going conventions. And if I hadn’t been raised by a geeky mom, I wouldn’t be a writer at Geek & Sundry.”
  • Redbull.com wrote about fans remaking and remastering old games. “Some of these have found favour with the original creators – Half Life studio Value nurtured the fan-made remake Black Mesa and even published it – but a higher proportion sadly fall by the wayside. Super Mario 64 HD and Resident Evil 2 HD are two recent examples which have been forced to close due to legal pressure from the IP holders.” The site highlights some fanworks they consider the best to try.

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