OTW Fannews: Limiting distribution

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  • Australia’s Junkee.com hosted a post by Dan Ilic who called for people to report on their copyright experiences. Similar to efforts going on in the EU, the Creationistas asked for citizens to tell their own stories. “[I]n Australia we have ‘Fair Dealing’ provisions…Under ‘fair dealing’, if you wanted to download the image and/or upload a new version of it, it would have to meet a few criteria: it would have to be for satire or parody, criticism or a review, used for legal advice, reporting the news, or created for educational purposes (arguably).” The Australian Digital Alliance, which is behind the Creationistas campaign is seeking to institute Fair Use similar to the U.S. model, which currently exists only in three other countries.
  • While not a copyright issue, the problem of closed networks and proprietary formats is another limitation for fans wanting to share content. For example, Business Insider discussed places to find free reading content. Although they mentioned fan fiction, they ended up plugging Amazon-directed content and no fanfiction archives, perhaps because they failed to mention any eReaders other than Kindles.
  • Similarly, the new app Penned is only for the iPhone. Designed for writing through mobile, the company targets include “novelist, poet, song-writer, fan fiction enthusiast, or blogger.” But they are aware of fanfiction archives, saying “[Penned] is strategically positioned in between the more casual-post networks like Twitter & Facebook and longer form writing venues such as Fanfiction.net or publishing an eBook.”

What sharing restrictions to fanworks do you experience? Write about it on Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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