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  • Latino USA aired a segment on diversity in geekdom which looked at video games, comic books, and cosplay. A Latino fan was interviewed about the introduction of more diverse comic book heroes, saying “It’s intense to see all these races now, it’s not just a white man’s sport anymore.” The interviewer noted that the con attendance was very diverse. “Not only are Latinos and other people of color everywhere but LGBTQ couples walk hand in hand, all ages are represented, and a few people with disabilities are pulling off some impressive costumes.” (No transcript available)
  • The South China Morning Post reported on a Kpop fan who refused to learn English like her classmates because she wanted to learn Korean instead. “The girl has an encyclopedic knowledge of Korean pop stars, and her greatest interest was talking about South Korean dramas and music with her friends”, the report quoted her mother as saying. “Her parents had banned her from using the internet and watching television at home so she caught up on her favourite shows when she stayed with her grandparents on the weekend.”
  • The BBC reported on a special scene filmed for a Syrian fan who became a refugee. “Noujain Mustaffa is a disabled 16-year-old Syrian migrant…[who]…told journalists she had learnt English by watching the US soap opera, Days of Our Lives,” though she missed her favorite character who had been killed. Comedian John Oliver arranged for a spoof scene in which Noujain’s favourite character returned from the dead and gave her a shoutout by name.
  • RetailDive reported on the passing of an Apple fanboy who blogged about their stores. Gary Allen “shut down his blog in March after his diagnosis, choosing to spend more time with his family in his last days.” However, “[w]riters at TechCrunch and The Washington Post hailed Allen’s attention to Apple’s stores, which he detailed at his blog that has now been discontinued, as an example of a singular and entertainingly articulated passion for the company’s choices in architecture and its courteous, well-trained store staff.”

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