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  • Technology Tell looked at what fanfiction told them about character popularity in Dragon Age. “The proof is in the sorting. I started my search over at An Archive of Our Own. It has a section set aside for Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction, and allows people to search by specific character. Cullen is the top result, appearing in 251 stories. He even beats out the main character, the female Inquisitor, as she only has 216 stories…I decided to check the internet’s other, largest repository – Fanfiction.net…it’s clear he’s still a favorite of fanfiction authors. He appears in 588 stories on the site.”
  • A post at TV Over Mind instead discussed what kind of fanfiction fans of Suits were writing. “Most tend to pair up Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, seeing as they are the glue that holds Suits together in a sense; without them, the show’s not as interesting to watch as it was before given that Harvey was the one that hired Mike as his associate after being impressed by how much the young man knows about the law. However, there are other pairings as well, like Donna Paulsen and Harvey Specter, because the author wants them to be involved romantically, and since it’s not quite happening on the show just yet, writing a fictional story about it allows for fans of the show to enjoy the possibility of this development.”
  • Autostraddle was one of many sites turning to fanfic recs for content. “[T]he future is now and fandom is mainstream and queer women who love pop culture are changing the shape of the world! Part of it is writing/reading fan fiction, which smashes the patriarchy in so many exciting and accessible ways… Faking It is…fun for a lot of reasons, including how the collective power of femslash fandom is what caused Glee and South of Nowhere to buck the fauxmosexual sweeps weeks tropes of yore (thanks, The O.C.!) and really delve into lady-loving relationships on-screen.”
  • Rather than rec existing work, Sugarscape decided to get readers to write some. “We’re looking for you lot to get as creative as possible, whether that’s saliva filled snogs, lustful glances or villainous characters (Ashton Irwin dressed as the Grinch anyone?), so keep it original and feel free to bring in any celebs you fancy. The idea is that every day when the story is updates, you’ll have the chance to add the next paragraph all over again and by Sunday 21st December, we’ll have the full fan fiction.”

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