OTW Fannews: Is it Fanfic or Isn’t It?

  • Not that fans haven’t always known about published works that have had their serial numbers filed off, but apparently the wider world is taking notice. Book Riot took a tongue-in-cheek look at YA literature to speculate on which of its works might secretly be fanfiction. “By now we know that Twilight spawned not one but TWO works of fan-fiction that became hot publishing properties…What’s super-amusing about this is that all the books in the Twilight series are Stephenie Meyers’ fan-fiction-y versions of her favorite classics…I have a feeling there’s more popular YA out there that’s secretly fan-fiction and am going to put on my Girl Detective hunting cap and jump right in and start guessing.” Among her choices: “The Fault in Our Stars is just Dawson’s Creek if both Pacey and Joey had cancer” and “Matched by Ally Condie is obviously just fan-fiction for The Selected Works of Dylan Thomas.”
  • Le Figaro highlights some RPS written about George Hergé, author of Tintin and his friend Tchang Tchong-Jen. In Georges & Tchang : une histoire d’amour au XXe siècle the graphic novel speculates on the private life of Hergé “because of the ambiguous sexuality of Tintin.” The creator, Laurent Colonnier describes himself as a fan of Hergé who was inspired to create the work after reading an interview given by Hergé where he describes his work “Tintin au Tibet” simply as a story of love and friendship. This made Colonnier wonder about the loves of Hergé, given his solidarity for Tchong-Jen’s views of China. Similarly, Tchong-Jen praised Hergé’s work as a magnificent lesson against racism.
  • Slashfilm.com started off its review of Bates Motel by saying “The line between prequel/sequel and fan fiction blurs further.” They ponder what constitutes canon given that “[t]he movies don’t have the clearest story path with respect to what is ‘official’.” At the TCA’s, producer Carlton Cuse “explained that, when it comes to the film series, “We don’t really view any of that as canon.” The show might be likened to another reboot, Sherlock, given that “[t]he TV show takes place in the modern day, rather than in the ’50s or ’60s, and…the origin of Norman Bates ‘will not be what you expect it to be.'”

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  1. Alex Blauherz commented:

    I do not own these storys or asked for permission.
    But these two are the two greatest Fanfictions I’ve read so far.
    Darkling, I listen – An AU BBC Sherlock fanfiction, apparently crossed with ‘Beauty and Beast'(i cant tell) is the first one.
    Its magnificent!
    Just grabs your attention and makes a run and you won’t be able to stop until youre done. Except when you fain because breathing is boring if compared, but rather vital.
    Sadly it isn’finished yet(6/8C. ~52000 words so far), but after reading this I couldn’t sleep for two days.
    Do have a look at it.

    The second would be this:
    The Montague Street Doctor
    A post reichenbach Fanfiction, viewed from Johns side. (12/13C. Only the epilogue is missing but it’s basically done, ~52000 words)He mourns of course, but eventually builds a life around him. What made this story so different to those other PR storys, or FFs in general, is how incredibly human they are. No impossebilitys or anything extreme. Just so very bare and raw human that the series(or nything in fact) seems hundred times more fiction than it already is.
    The fact that there is no ‘john punshes sherlock after a gasp and they live happiely ever after’ just proove the point.

    If any of all the fanfics I know deserve more attention than they have, it’s these two!
    And I hope I didn’t missunderstand the request?!


    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      We were actually suggesting people contribute those write-ups to Fanlore, but I’m pretty sure people find fanwork recs welcome at any time 🙂