OTW Fannews: Interacting with Canon

  • The it-getters at PBS’ Idea Channel released an episode focusing on fanfiction & LGBT representation. “Official writers are…gesturing at alternate universes, at relationships that could exist between characters — were the world of the show…not what it actually is. I see this as the sacred charge of so much fanfiction, to express the love left unexpressed in so much popular culture.” (No transcript available.)
  • Wired‘s Angry Nerd spoke about why the existence of Fifty Shades of Grey is vital to fanfic. “The key component is fans’ passionately engaging with the work and digging more deeply into fictional worlds than their creators ever did.” He goes on to discuss how much of what Hollywood is producing is no different than what fans are doing in the way they re-imagine old franchises. (No transcript available.)
  • An article in Vice attempted to identify the reasons behind political fanfiction. “Franke-Ruta discusses the ways that we project our own imaginations and beliefs onto serious considerations of political figures and issues. We do the same with our coverage of sports, culture, and viral news as well—we’re constantly granting individuals and events symbology, emotional impact, and an imaginary, packaged takeaway. There are many ways to do this—especially online, where we can create an identity more in line with others’ than our own more easily than we can in real life. But fan fiction might be the most extreme example: You are, literally, taking control of reality.”
  • While the stories above featured fan art and fanfiction, The Mary Sue tipped fans to a Imgur gif tool. “All you have to do is find the video you want online, plug the URL into Imgur’s new tool, and tell it the start and end points that you want to memorialize forever in a glorious, infinitely looped animation. If the created GIF would be larger than 10MB, Imgur also automatically converts it to a much more efficient GIFV, which is a standard from improved video clips that they’ve been pushing since last year.”

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