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  • Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat had positive words for fanfiction in a recent interview. Asked for “the best or funniest piece of Sherlock fan fiction or fan art you’ve seen” he replied, “A load of it has been superb. There’s a tendency to disparage it. I don’t agree. Even the slash fiction, that’s a great way to learn to work. No one really does three-act structure, but just trying to put words that make somebody else turned on, that’s going to teach you more about writing than any writing college you can go to. It’s creative and exciting. I refuse to mock it—because I’m a man who writes Sherlock Holmes fan fiction for a living!” He added that “[EL James] turned her fandom of something into something that’s an industry in itself. Why are we not applauding until our hands bleed? No, we mock her. We say, ‘Oh, it’s not very good.’ Except she managed to write something that everybody wants to read…By what standard is it not good if loads and loads of people love it?'”
  • Fans of The Inheritance Cycle novels were offered fanfiction while they waited for the next edition. The books’ official fansite posted “We are excited to announce the launch of Shur’tugal Fan Fiction, the ultimate archive of Inheritance Cycle fan fiction stories! Aspiring writers and Inheritance fans now have an outlet to read, write, and enjoy stories by fans, set within Eragon’s universe.”
  • At Grantland, Steven Hyden discussed the afterlife of Smash, as an effort to stage its play within a TV show “raised more than $300,000, making it the most successful Kickstarter for a theater show ever.” Hyden concluded, “The line between fiction and fan fiction has been eradicated. The web-enabled afterlives of Community and Arrested Development have proven that long-struggling network shows can subsist solely on the passion of diehards elsewhere. With the Bombshell Kickstarter campaign, fans have found a way to actually improve what they’ve resurrected — a Smash without Leo, Ellis, Uma, smoothies, and all other remnants of the badly managed TV version.”

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