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  • Tech developers are taking note of people’s interest in using all sorts of platforms for storytelling. AuthorBee is targeting those using Twitter clients (or AuthorBee’s own web interface) “to create, co-create and curate rich, long-form stories with their followers.” Targeting both professionals and amateurs the company states “‘A story can really be anything…it can be breaking news, fan fiction or poetry. It can also be a travel log, a Haiku, a hip-hop song or a chocolate chip cookie recipe. What matters is the common interest or passion shared by the contributors.'”
  • Kik, on the other hand, took note of its existing users and decided to market to them. Digiday reported “Behold, the power of boyband fans”: “‘Kik mentioned that “One Direction” was one of the most discussed things on the app, so we brought that opportunity to Sony Music,’ said Eytan Oren, director of partnerships at the IPG Media Lab.” Noting that marketers need to pay attention to who is using what and how, another IPG spokesman said “You can’t be a professional and ignore where emerging channels are focused.”
  • The New Republic explored the effect Netflix is having on television and the lifespan of entertainment products, concluding that it is following a fandom model. “When you meet someone with the same particular passions and sensibility, the sense of connection can be profound. Smaller communities of fans, forged from shared perspectives, offer a more genuine sense of belonging than a national identity born of geographical happenstance. Whether a future based fundamentally on fandom is superior in any objective sense is impossible to say…Certainly, a culture where niche supplants mass hews closer to the original vision of the Americas, of a new continent truly open to whatever diverse and eccentric groups showed up.”

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    For Australian fans, the Creationistas offer videos on how copyright is broken and an invitation to contribute stories in support of copyright reform: http://www.creationistas.com/