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  • Orangeville.com featured a 12 year old boy who has published Minecraft fanfiction. “The book is presently available in Kindle format…Scott said he hadn’t set out to pen a novel. Rather, he merely doodled the story for fun, something for he and his friends to look over…It wasn’t until his mother encouraged him to continue it that he began to seriously entertain the possibility of a book.” While his success has so far been small, it’s still been important. “‘It’s an awesome experience to know somebody other than my parents liked the book,’ he said.”
  • Apparently the Cosmo girl is now a fanfic writer. For those yet unpublished fanfiction writers, Cosmopolitan pointed the way to success in fanfiction writing. Included in their 8 steps were “Don’t spend too much time coming up with Most Original Story Ever. Just start writing” and “Prove you’re a true fan by incorporating Easter eggs.”
  • Some have noticed the thin line between gossip and fanfiction, but Tablet Mag offered a look at religion in fanfiction. “[T]hough I am generally dismayed by fanfic about real people (our intern Gabi pointed me to a clueless and shudder-inducing fantasy in which Harry and Louis of the boy band One Direction are a Jew and a Nazi getting hot-n-heavy in a concentration camp), who could object to a wee tale about Jon Stewart inviting Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, and Keith Olbermann to his Seder? Meanwhile, in Hanukkah ficdom, I was utterly tickled by “Chag Sammy-ach,”…that gives us Sam and Dean Winchester, the demon fighters of Supernatural, battling the titular monsters of the award-winning children’s book Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins.”
  • The Guardian interviewed author Susie Day about her short story centered on Sherlock fandom and LGBT protagonists. “It’s fair to say, not a lot of research was required for the Sherlock side of the story. And it’s true, Shirin and Candy could’ve been brought together by their mutual love of a cricketing Time Lord and his favourite ginger schoolboy, or quiffy John Smith and his Mister Master… or Sunnydale witches… muppets in space… Spooky and Dana… Dean Winchester and his car…I’m fascinated by reception history: the way that when and how we watch impacts on how we ‘do’ fandom. The Reichenbach Fall was a unique TV event, the agonising wait that followed even more so. For 717 days, continuing that story (how Sherlock did it, what happens when John finds out he’s alive) belonged to fandom.”

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