OTW Fannews: Fitting Tributes

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  • The OTW is thrilled to announce that past Legal Committee chair and current Legal staffer, Rebecca Tushnet, is being honored by Public Knowledge. She will be one of the recipients of their 12th Annual IP3 Award. The ceremony will be held in Washington D.C. on September 24. “The IP3 Awards are a special occasion to honor those who have made significant contributions in the 3 areas of IP: Intellectual Property, Information Policy and Internet Protocol.”
  • A nominee for the Creative Blogger Award recently posted to share some thoughts about writing. “I find inspiration from things I love. Like many people of my generation, my first taste in writing for a public forum came from fanfiction. I still write fanfiction now. The things I love such as Jane Austen, music, travelling, and Buffy inspire me to write poetry, fanfiction, or even my blog entries. If you want to find inspiration, start with what you love. And yes, I consider fanfiction to be creative.”
  • The Reda Report summed up recent developments in the European Parliament regarding copyright. “For the first time, the Parliament asks for minimum standards for the rights of the public, which are enshrined in a list of exceptions to copyright that up to now have been completely optional for the Member States to implement. The report stresses that the use of these exceptions may not be hindered by restrictive contracts and that DRM may not restrict your right to make a private copy of legally acquired content.” Of particular interest to OTW News readers who answered our call for comments, mention of the response total was cut from the copyright evaluation report. The Commission received 9,500 replies, 58.7% of which were from end users.
  • The Arizona Republic featured discussion of a play focusing on fandom. “The show opens Saturday, June 13, at the Phoenix Center for the Arts, and admission is free for anyone who comes dressed as a favorite character from movies, comics and books.” Some of the performers discussed the importance of fandom. “All have their own connections to fan culture, including Sullivan, who grew up watching ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and wrote her first fan fiction as a crossover between the ‘Sweet Valley High’ and ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ youth-novel franchises. Now, she says, ‘I think I am starting to become a fangirl for fan culture, because talking with anyone about what they are passionate about is one of the greatest conversations you can have. It really gives you an insight into who they are.'”

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