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  • Blogger Marie Larsen wrote about her daughter’s classroom success in writing fanfiction. “The story is a Transformers fan fiction piece, long enough and worthy enough of being an animated episode.” But she was “concerned of its fan fiction style. Recently, I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, where the main character received a failing grade from a teacher that didn’t find any value in fan fiction. I wasn’t sure how my girl’s teacher would receive this piece.” However, her story had a happy ending. “To praise her in front of her peers, to give her the only A+ out of all those very bright, accelerated students was a self-esteem booster I could never give her.”
  • Dorkly featured 15 People Who Turned Wheelchairs Into Amazing Cosplay, including the Black Knight, Superman, Wall-E and General Loveless.
  • Engadget was one among many that featured a remake of The Empire Strikes Back utilizing fan clips. More than 480 fan-made segments were picked from over 1,500 submissions to make The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. The result included a mash-up of styles including live action, animation, and stop-motion.
  • The Blacktown Sun wrote about the fanfiction generated in a creative writing program. “Year 8 student Ashleigh’s 27-chapter novel, Collision Course, was an extension of a fan fiction she wrote based on YouTube gamers Mitch and Jerome, known for their Minecraft reviews. ‘I took the real people and twisted them to make characters that would fit the universe of the story,’ she said.” Meanwhile “Year 10 student Kate’s 11,000-word novel The Fantastic Not-so-Real World of Samantha Colt balanced macabre, dark elements inspired by the Martin Scorsese film Shutter Island with bookish fantasy inspired by the film Inkheart.”

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