OTW Fannews: Finding Connections

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  • USC News put a spotlight on a seminar connecting scifi fandom to the gay rights movement. “Gender Studies 410 will ask students to conduct original research using materials from ONE Archives at USC Libraries, the largest LGBT archive in the world.” Joseph Hawkins, who teaches the class and directs the archive, discussed how writers and publishers used experiences in one area to develop activism in others. “The stories and commentary in these journals served as incubators for ideas that would lead to political organizing decades later. Sci-fi allowed readers to safely engage with thoughts about alien races with mixed genders or finding love despite their differences.”
  • Milwaukee Public Radio featured an art exhibit in Racine which “explores science fiction and fantasy-based themes of Doctor Who, Star Wars, superheroes, and steampunk.” The curator explains that the purpose of the exhibit of textile art is to open a dialogue between artist and audience. “Sub-Culture Craft’ features art inspired from various fandoms, which creates a lighter atmosphere with open conversations expressing enthusiasm from both artists and fans alike.”
  • The Daily Dot featured the work of various fan artists to explore Disney princess remixes. “While these redesigns have become so massively popular that they’ve been turned into parodies, the fan culture that created them remains seriously dedicated to the practice. Part of the appeal is that the nature of these subversions invites us to think about the inherently heteronormative worlds in which Disney characters live and ultimately thrive. The worlds they inhabit often look very different from our own. And if you want more representation for other kinds of people and relationships, where better to find it than fanart?”
  • At ComicMix Emily S. Whitten expounds on what years of GISHWHES activity has brought us. “Other than all of the nifty things accomplished due to Gishwhes, I think the biggest thing I take away from it is the warm and positive attitude of the competition and everyone involved. It’s encouraging and inspiring to see all of the people who have chosen to celebrate and express their fandom in a fun and inclusive way; especially because, in the end, it is always our own personal choice as to how we want to move through the world; and how we choose to put ourselves out there can have bigger consequences for change than we can ever imagine.”

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