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  • An article at Huffington Post featured interpretations of Harry Potter characters that raceswapped their movie representations. “For many artists, Hermione’s vague physical description has presented an opportunity to represent the character very differently. Instead of the ‘bushy’ hair JK Rowling often describes in the books, maybe she has kinky-curly hair. Instead of simply being tan, maybe she has dark brown skin. A black Hermione Granger isn’t just a chance to see something new, but an opportunity to create a more complex reading of the book series, which has political themes that draw parallels between the Death Eaters and racist hate groups.”
  • A post at io9 directed viewers to a tribute video of Hayao Miyazaki’s work. “Vimeo user and animator Dono made this incredible video, which combines the beautiful piano work of Joe Hisaishi with extracted clips and characters from a plethora of Miyazaki films, from Spirited Away to My Neighbor Totoro to Porco Rosso, placing them into specially created 3D environments made by Dono.”
  • Ventura County Reporter presented an outsider’s view of cosplay at an Attack on Titan event. “One thing I realized at the premiere: Don’t mess with cosplayers or their parents. For instance, after a guard moved us media folks in with the fans, a mother and father advised their costumed children to push me out of the way. Then, a few seconds later, as the crowd swelled, the nearby blood-soaked cosplayer had a valiant defender complain to the crowd: ‘My friend has social anxiety, like, really bad, and you need to give her some space.’…I guarantee that most of the fans didn’t even know the actors’ actual names. What was important was that the actors actually got to fully portray the characters that the fans had bonded with so closely.”
  • Canada’s The Globe and Mail discussed the future of Hannibal and its fanworks. “Whether or not another episode ever gets made, Hannibal is already a legacy show. Its disciples will still long be writing homoerotic fan fiction about the none-too-subtle love affair between Hannibal and Will, still be admiring the show’s layers of complexity, still be watching and rewatching until every facet is explored. With half a season left to securely enjoy, there’s still an opportunity to experience this legend while it lives, regardless of its fate.”

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