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  • Awesome Robo! explored Pacific Rim fanart. “I’d always been pretty curious about how Japan, especially their creative community would react to Pacific Rim, a movie that was a whole-hearted ode to various pop culture genres like Kaiju films and various ‘Tokusatsu‘ (Special effects) genres that their cinema scene popularized…What we found was a plethora of amazing tribute pieces executed in a variety of styles and interpretations of both the Kaiju and Jaegers alike, showing that the movie had definitely found it’s place with artists abroad.”
  • The Mary Sue posted images of Batman graffiti discovered in an abandoned building. “Graffiti artist Pete One has been known to dabble with the Dark Knight in the past, this time he used an abandoned building in Ronse, Belgium for his canvas and took inspiration from the animated Batman TV show, comic artist Jock, and more!”
  • The Daily Dot wrote about an Attack on Titan cosplay film. “[W]e’re pretty sure 夜透 has taken the ‘cosplay film’ to a whole new level. The film features the J-rock song ‘Neverever Land’ by Nano, and a cover of the 3rd ending theme to Attack on Titan, ‘The Reluctant Heroes,’ as covered by a YouTube artist named Mica Caldito whose performances of two songs from the series recently went viral. The video was uploaded a few weeks ago but only recently crossed over into English-language SnK fandom.”
  • A theater company in Asheville, South Carolina decided to put on an evening of Shakespeare fanfic. “[T]he Bard’s work remains in high demand, with modern and star-studded adaptations of plays like Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing filling movie theaters every few years. But it’s not these reinventions that have captured the imagination of The Montford Park Players. Instead, the theater company’s ‘Evening of Shakespeare Fan Fiction,’…features G.B. Shaw’s Dark Lady of the Sonnets and Vincent Dowling’s The Upstart Crow.”

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