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  • Malaysia’s New Straits Times profiled a local fan artist’s work on superheroes. “[H]er drawings of Marvel Comics heroines such as She-Hulk, Rogue and the female Captain Marvel [are] in elegant gowns, drawn in art nouveau style. The illustrations are a stark contrast to the characters’ original style in the comic books which have a tendency to sexualise female characters through costumes and body language.”
  • Over at io9‘s Observation Deck The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask‘s opera was recommended. It now has seven installments, the latest posted earlier this year.
  • The Daily Mail also focused on music, profiling Taylor Davis and her covers of video game music. “[H]er efforts also caught the attention of Journey’s composer Austin Wintory, who asked her to be the solo violinist on the game’s soundtrack, which Miss Davis described as ‘an amazing experience’ and ‘a dream come true. Since I’m such a huge gamer myself and know the kind of impact the music can have on a gamer, it’s so exciting that my performance on the soundtrack is actually a part of the gaming experience and that it might really touch someone in a positive way,’ she said.”
  • Bustle wrote about how season 3 of Twin Peaks “is a beautiful showcase of fandom at work, and of the capabilities of mediums like Twitter to harbor experimental fiction. This particular foray into Twitter storytelling is centered at the handle @EnterTheLodge, though it stretches out to 50+ Twin Peaks character accounts, telling the story of an imagined Season 3 for the series. They’ve just started the journey, but if you’d like to catch up on what’s gone on so far you can do so through their Storify archive. ”

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