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  • The Bookseller reported on Scribd’s changes to its business model due to romance readers. “Coming in the context of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select’s controversial new per-page payments…the news from Scribd may not raise independent authors’ spirits. One key platform c.e.o., Smashwords’ Mark Coker, refers to it as a ‘purge’.” The problem? Romance fans read too much. “All-you-can-read subscription programs…are predicated on the assumption that most subscribers will not use them, or at least won’t use them with any serious regularity…The romance-reading community, famed for its high rate of content consumption, thus is like part of a fitness club membership overrunning the workout equipment, costing the service more, apparently, than is sustainable.”
  • The Guardian also looks at romance and fanfic readers as a problem for the publishing industry, though less for reading too much than not reading enough non-romance. “Fiction Uncovered cleverly…turn[ed] Grey’s ubiquity to its advantage by launching the #BritishwritingisnotallGrey hashtag, in which tweeters could nominate favourite contemporary writers…’This is not an anti-Grey stance,’ wrote Sophie Rochester, the organisation’s director, ‘but the singular focus on the book this week is exemplary of an issue regularly seen – a fanfare of attention around one or two writers with many talented writers not getting the attention they deserve…The work is out there, was the message; we just need to support it. Publishers would no doubt counteract the argument by noting that off-the-scale successes such as Fifty Shades underwrite their commitment to all kinds of writing.”
  • A University of Missouri journalism project sought to give female fans even more to read by launching a new gaming magazine targeted to them. “Fangirl hopes to become a bi-monthly printed issue along with an iPad edition. There’s a three-year plan to take the publication from online-only to print production. It might become a full-time gig for some of us, too. ‘The School of Journalism gave me a chance to create my own job,’ Morrison said. ‘I never thought I’d be doing something like this when I came to MU, and while it’s sometimes horrifying, it’s also the most exciting and worthwhile experience of my career.'”

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