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  • The Times of India explored fandom sites. “Special interest websites appear to be edging out Facebook as popular hangout places on the internet. Art, travel, baking, fan fiction – there is a platform for everybody with a passion.” They look briefly at Fanfiction.net and deviantArt, which “began as an online community to showcase user created art work. The site is ancient, by internet standards – launched in 2000. As of 2011, it was the 13th largest social networking service in the world.”
  • While “ancient” sites are doing well for fans, there are a number of new platforms that also want fannish engagement. One is Glipho, which “has deep integration with all of the leading social networks, which makes sharing your content one click simple”. Site spokesperson Rachel Monte told the OTW that “We are very open to transformative works, recently added a fiction category to our site, and are eager to see more discourse of a fannish nature on there – the trouble seems to be in letting fandom know that we’re here and ready to welcome it with open arms…We allow imports from blogs which are powered by WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr, without affecting the original blog at all and looking after the SEO. We also integrate optional connectivity with all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.”
  • Asked about Glipho’s Terms of Service, Monte responded that “All copyright remains with the original creator of the content on Glipho. Glipho is granted a non-exclusive transferable worldwide royalty-free license to the content posted on Glipho (see 8.3.1 in the TOS). We will never delete content completely from Glipho without the user specifically requesting it. If a gliph breaks Glipho’s Terms of Service, the Glipho team will notify the user and ask them to amend it. If there is a complaint about a particular gliph, the Glipho team will pass the complaint on to the user. The most that we would do is revert a gliph to draft status, or mark it as ‘removed’. In this case, although the gliph would no longer appear on the site, the user would still be able to access their content. If the content is amended to address the issue, it may be re-published to the site. And all users would be notified by email of any ToS changes.”
  • Yet another company looking for fanfic writers is NARR8, which sent out a press release about its Storybuilder editing tool for interactive stories. “All user-generated content will be available free of charge, but once a user’s episode hits 1,000 downloads, that user will be authorized to sell the content for NARRs, virtual currency that NARR8 released in February. This will let the user unlock additional content and features. In the near future, NARR8 will implement a revenue-sharing model that will let the authors of popular series earn money from virtual sales of their content.”

What fannish platforms do you use? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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