OTW Fannews: The Fannish Perspective

OTW Fannews The Fannish Perspective

  • Many theater productions revolve around fannish topics or themes. As a review of Miss Emma’s Matchmaking Agency for Literary Characters dubbed it, the play “is staged fan fiction, imagining how the likes of Dorian Gray (Nick Martin), Jane Eyre (Sage Tanguay) and Philip Marlowe (Caleb Erikson) might interact if they jumped off the page.”
  • The Escapist featured Pokemon crossover fanart. “Emery posts her art on a Tumblr account called Attack on Pokemon, and she posts sketches on a separate blog. Her art can be purchased as prints through DeviantArt. The opening line of the first opening theme song for Attack on Titan says, ‘They’re the prey, and we are the hunters.’ In a way, Pokemon are the prey for trainers hoping to capture at least one of every species or attack them for experience. Now imagine them all as titans; no more 10-year-olds on innocent adventures.”
  • At Jezebel, Mark Shrayber cited Fanlore and AO3 in explaining ‘knotting’ to readers. “Of course knotting isn’t as visceral in the same way something like extreme pornography may be due to the fact that it’s not only fictional but also (technically) impossible. But fiction of this nature is also becoming a mainstream staple of internet culture, which always bears discussion. Today it’s a panel at a failed convention; tomorrow it might be the subject of a semester-long university course.”
  • The Roanoke Times profiled a small hometown fan-con. “Just about a dozen people paid the $35 entrance fee this year, causing Hubert to question the future of the event. If she does it next year, she said it will probably just be a party in her house…’I’m trying to help other people get over their fear like I used to be afraid to tell people what I do,’ Hubert said. ‘So it’s kind of like trying to get people to come out from behind their computer and come out of their shell a little bit so they don’t feel like they’re alone. We’re all just as geeky and introverted as the other person and it’s OK for us come together every once in a while. Especially if it’s just once a year, we can handle that.’”

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