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  • Westword featured a story on another app targeted to fandom for content aggregation. It allows users to create separate collections, or ‘nests’, for different fandom content. Its creator “examined how many people watch certain shows, what percentage are female, the number of fan fictions posted online, and how many hits those fictions garner. As a result, she can now confidently estimate that there are about 10 million fangirls” in the US.
  • The Verge was among several sites discussing the new Wattpad app which promises to curate content for users. “The app is curated, breaking its mature-rated stories up by content-specific channels such as ‘southern romance,’ ‘urban,’ and ‘panty droppers.’ As on Wattpad itself, users can comment and vote through the app, which for now, is only available on the App Store. The app will also feature regular romance stories alongside its fan fiction, but Melissa Shapiro, Wattpad’s head of marketing, says it’s the celeb-focused stories that drove the app’s creation. ‘On the heels of the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, interest in mature stories has spiked,’ Shapiro said.”
  • Apparently erotica is in such demand that some are hiring fanficcers to write it. Seven Days interviewed a Vermont-based ghostwriter. “After she left her corporate job because of childcare issues, Croteau relates, she searched for freelance writing work on the networking platform oDesk. She “found that there were a number of people looking to have someone write an erotica story or a romance story for them. I thought, ‘I used to write it for fanfic [fan fiction]; might as well,’ she recalls, “and found that there’s something really fun about writing about sex.'”
  • While nothing’s stopping fanficcers from finding a platform to sell from, The Globe and Mail looked at the After Dark app as part of Wattpad’s reader battle with Amazon. “Instead of major publishing houses deciding who gets printed, it’s readers themselves who choose, McIlroy said. ‘The most radical thing is the passionate interaction between the writer and reader that’s not intermediated by a bunch of pompous fools who say, ‘We know better than any of you.’’ Other players are sure to appear. “[D]igital authors are attracting crowdfunding, online readers have become editors and stories are being turned into games by companies such as Google Inc.’s Niantic Labs.”

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