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  • At Business of Fashion, Madelin Newman wrote about the rise of fashion fandom. “Jennifer Post, a Black Milk fan from California, has attended every SharkieCon since its inception and said it was unlike anything she had ever seen. ‘With what other fashion brand do you have fans of the brand getting together to share in the joy of it all?’ she said. ‘Sharing styling tips, taking selfies, meeting people in person that you have chatted with online for hours at a time.’ The depth of brand advocacy for Black Milk can be felt in the way community members create their own art, songs and photography for the label. One Sharkie even creates her own designs that she sells in a Facebook group called ‘For the love of nylon’ using old Black Milk pieces.”
  • At TwinCities.com, the focus was on the shared experience of book fandom. “It’s difficult to say whether more teens are reading more fiction than they used to — but they are talking about books in unprecedented ways. From teen book clubs to social media, attending book signings and filling theaters to see the latest movie based on a young-adult novel, reading has morphed from a nerdy, solitary pursuit into a cool, communal pastime…Authors have become celebrities and there is buzz around books — much in the same way there was buzz a generation ago around popular TV shows or bands.”
  • The Journal Star featured one couple whose shared fandom experience continued into marriage. “‘My goal is to become a little old lady in a nursing home with her,’ Susanne said. Jennifer, the woman on the couch next to her, has the same wish. They met online, a pair of fan fiction aficionados. ‘We’re both super nerds,’ says Jennifer, tall and dark-haired, a cat lover and a writer.”
  • Apparently shared fandom is so much fun even unrelated corporations want to get in on the act, as noted by The Mary Sue in regards to The Olive Garden twitter account. “Kirsten McHugh and Amy Ratcliffe made this brilliant discovery, and alerted the world to the awesome fan running the Olive Garden’s Twitter account. Olive Garden is definitely into Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, and Doctor Who (and we can’t blame them). Here’ some of their best tweets.”

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