OTW Fannews: Fandom in Motion

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  • MoviePilot.com looked at how the rapid appearance of Linkle fan art made a statement about her acceptance within the fandom. “When Linkle was first announced as a new character for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors: Legends game, the internet went crazy. Some loved her, some hated her. The debate is still going strong and will probably not end any time soon…and several people have already drawn their own version of Linkle. I have scavenged the internet and collected the best fan-art I could find for you to feast your eyes upon.”
  • Yibada.com put a spotlight on a Dragon Ball Z fan film. “If you’re looking for a darker and more realistic version of Dragon Ball Z then this fan-made live action flick is for you. A group of European fans produced the almost 30-minute ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men’ and it will blow your mind.” The film “features Trunks and is set in the future. It is inspired by the characters in the Dragon Ball saga. It also pays tribute to the iconic universe that Toriyama created.”
  • A.V. Club wrote about a LEGO stop motion fan film. “Captain America finds himself in a town overrun by Nazi zombies and must fight his way through the horde, and soon finds himself entangled with other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s an exciting short that displays real talent in the stop-motion medium as Whaley uses lighting, music, and impressive poses for the characters to create an incredibly gory but fun short film that is as brutal as it is entertaining.”
  • The Hockey Writers discussed a fan who had turned her very fannishness into a tradable product. Kat Velez no longer felt comfortable supporting her team, the Chicago Blackhawks. “So, Velez decided to sell her fandom to support the fight against domestic violence. A fan of any team from any hockey league can donate to have Velez root for their team. At the end of the week whoever donates the most money will get to choose the team Velez roots for the next week. Yes, even if you are a fan of the Australian Ice Hockey League…she will root for you, as long as she has access to a live stream of the game.”

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