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fandom creations

  • io9 traced the history of the term ‘meta’. “Today, the word meta has undergone another transformation, largely because of the intensely self-referential fandom community online… This has meant that many shows have meta episodes that are basically fan service. So meta has become a popular trope, and fans have responded by using the term meta to describe these kinds of episodes. But more importantly, fans have transformed the word meta yet again, turning it from an adjective that describes a kind of story into a noun that refers to a form of fan commentary. These days, any essay, rant, or analysis written by a fan is often dubbed ‘a meta.'”
  • Gizmodo highlighted a Blade Runner Tribute Art Show which “brought some really succulent Blade Runner fanfiction along with it. On display starting at 7PM on May 31st at the Bottleneck Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Moments Lost will feature…eight unique stories based off of the Blade Runner mythos. Each story matches up with an individual original track off the CD created by Analogue Sweeden, as well as a piece artwork on display.”
  • All Geek to Me began a feature about fandom tattoos. “You know you are a serious geek when you get your love for a fandom etched into your skin. Fandom Ink is all about celebrating your geek ink and most importantly, finding out the story about why you got that tattoo! We here at All Geek to Me love a good story and awesome art, thus this new column that will be featuring awesome tattoos.”
  • A post at Kentucky Sports Radio encouraged readers to write fanfiction and offered some ideas. “In this issue we celebrate the 2013 Reds baseball season as we prepare for the Reds to repeat as champions! We all remember the dominance of Cueto and Chapman last postseason, as well as the heroics from Joey Votto, whose hitting with runners in scoring position was fantastic. After beating the Pirates in the WildCard Playoff (a game they just couldn’t have choked away, they never do that!) the RedLegs began their magical run to the World Series where they beat the Red Sox in six games.”

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    I enjoy these link roundups, and am amused by io9’s assertion that there is such a thing as ‘a meta’. Is there a fan community in which that is grammatical?

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